Some Animals of Costa Rica

This page contains images of some of the animals I saw in Costa Rica. Click on a photo to see a larger, higher quality image.

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Arenal Volcano - Wild Flowers - Rainforest - Pacific Coast

Tropical Parula

Recovering after flying into a window it flew off a few moments later.

White-Faced Monkey



Black Iguana

Green Iguana

Jesus Christ Lizard

This lizard gets its name from its ability to walk, or at least run, on water thanks to its webbed feet.

Lofting Falcon

Unfortunately this majestic bird was too far away for a sharp picture.

Leaf Cutter Ants

Leaf cutter ants sometimes cut flowers as well.

Hermit Crab

A Tico Chicken

I had to find a way to tie these photos to my main Web Page theme. This handsome rooster lives at the Brit Coffee plantation where chicken manure is an important fertilizer. This means that roosters help wake us up in more than one way.