Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

This page contains images of the Pacific Coast area. Click on a photo to see a larger, higher quality image.

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Arenal Volcano - Animals - Wild Flowers - Rainforest

Harvested Palm Fruit at a Palm Orchard

Palm fruit, grown to produce palm oil, is an important commercial crop on the Pacific coast.

Palm Fruit Harvester Going to Work

Living Fences

Certain plants will quickly take root if a fresh stick is placed in the ground. String a few strands of wire and you can create a living fence. These fences, popular in Costa Rica, are not only less work to build than conventional fences, but they create corridors for migrating birds and other animals in deforested land. Note the freshly cut poles destined to become new fencing.

A Couple of Pacific Sunsets

Aquatic Birds Prepare for the Night