Presenting:  Freakazoid Stuff!

AT LAST!!  Freakazoid!  Comes to DVD!

Poor Freakazoid, perhaps the only TV superhero with absolutely no merchandising, not even the totally toyetic Freakmobile.  Nutbuneez!  So, as a public service to fan boys and girls everywhere, the Renegade Chickens offer these Freakazoid! goodies.

Online Freakazoid! Jigsaw Puzzles (via
The Music of Freakazoid!   Favorite tunes from the show, now in Real Audio or MP3 format.
Freakazoid Screensaver for Windows   This slide show screensaver features 33 pictures of the blue guy in a self-installing .exe file that runs on Windows (hasn't been tested on Windows Vista). (file size: about 1 MB)

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