The Music of Freakazoid!

In Real AudioTM or mp3 Format

    Freakazoid! Main Title Theme  Real  mp3

    Nasty Men (Stealing Hens)  Real  mp3

    Hero-Boy (He Must Succeed)  Real  mp3

    Alternate Title Theme  Real  mp3

    Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing  Real  mp3

    Where did he Go, That Invisibo   Real   mp3

    Invisibo End Theme   Real   mp3

    Monster Love   Real   mp3

    Lord Bravery   Real   mp3

    The Huntsman   Real   mp3

    Take me Out to the Ball Game   Real   mp3

    Bonjour Lobie   Real   mp3

    Crunch goes the Weinie   Real   mp3

    Gasigo   Real   mp3

    Freakazoid and Friends   Real   mp3

    We'll Meet Again   Real   mp3

    End Title Theme   Real   mp3

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