The Starship Aphroditi was created by a group of friends who decided it would be amusing to annoy the Trekkers at a local science fiction convention. If you've been to a science fiction convention, you know that some Star Trek fans take it very very seriously. (Of course we wanted to annoy them in a nice way.) The concept was inspired by the scene in classic Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles" in which Scottie hits the Klingon who refers to the Enterprise as a garbage scow.

Well, our ship is a garbage scow, and we're darned proud of it!

We put together Trek-inspired original uniforms and carried a garbage bag with some of the stuff we found cluttering up space (a hand clutching a lightsaber, a map labeled "Jupiter 2," a teddy bear wearing a B-5 uniform, etc.). We were all Sanitation Engineers, of course. And boy did we tell off those Feddies and Klingons about the mess they leave behind after their space battles!

Everyone had fun, including the Trekkers we hassled. Here's the one and only photo known to exist (with a slightly altered sign behind us).

It's your galaxy. Please don't litter.