Some fans of late-night TV may be surprised to learn that talk-show legend Space Ghost had a previous career as a crime fighter. Today, his old adversaries are his reluctant employees at Ghost Planet Industries, but here are some Real Media clips of what they used to be like back in the 60s.

These clips are optimized for 56K. That means they're fuzzy.



of Doom

 They banded together for the sole purpose of destroying Space Ghost.


 Attempting to destroy Space Ghost....with Banjo?

 Teamed up with Moltar for the first time.


 That control room looks very familiar.

 At least he got to sit down back then.


This nasty space pirate is definitely not the adorable bean-eater we know and love today.


 Before developing his passion for antiques he dabbled in entomology.

 A strangely familiar clip.


Tansut shows remarkable courage when facing two teenagers and a monkey.


Metallus must have developed his audio glitch later in life.

Black Widow

(AKA Spider Woman)

After working with those fish guys no wonder she appreciates human hunks.

All of these clips are Hanna-Barbera. They did not give me permission to use them, but I hope they won't object.

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