Fantasma del Espacio de Costa a Costa
(Space Ghost in Spanish)

On a recent vacation to Latin America, I managed to point my camcorder at the hotel TV and make a pretty good recording of parts of my favorite show in Spanish.  I haven't found any other Spanish Space Ghost clips on the web, so here are a few excerpts from "Pavement" in a Real Media G2 format video file, and a few wave files from "Pavement" and "Dimethylpyrimidinol Bisulfite."

Video File

For Modem Connections   (447KB)

For Fast Connections   (2789KB)

Wav Files

Title Announcement   (187KB)

Who Write?   (93KB)

The Beatles   (178KB)

The Shape of your Head   (96KB)

Space Ghost Calling   (212KB)

Horrible Show   (201KB)

Justice   (341KB)

Ask for Sugarman's   (120KB)

A Song   (238KB)

Rappin' Space Goblin Meets His End   (474KB)

These files are 2000 S. Bruce.  All elements used in these files are Cartoon Network.