Backgrounds for your Space Ghost Action Figures

Print these backgrounds and put them behind your Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar, and Brak action figures to create your own Coast to Coast talk show set.

You can select a 72dpi (low resolution) image to print from your browser or a higher-resolution image to print from a graphics program for best results. The Space Ghost background is also available in a large 11x17" size.  In Windows, right-click the link and select "Save Target As" to download an image.

Space Ghost Background
72 dpi     300 dpi
Zorak Background
72 dpi     300 dpi
Moltar Background
72 dpi     300 dpi
72 dpi     300 dpi

Bigger Space Ghost Backgrounds

If your printer can print on 11"x17" paper, select the image below.

72 dpi Image, 86 KB         180 dpi Image, 249 KB

If you have a standard printer that can't handle 11'x17" paper, print the two images below.  Cut the Sides image where indicated, align the sides over the center (they will overlap a bit) and paste them in place.  Or just print the center part for a smaller background.

The images on this page are 2000 S. Bruce and are created from sources that are 2000 Cartoon Network. Source images were used without permission for this non-commercial creative work.