You may never be a guest on Coast to Coast....but you can say you were!

You will need the Shockwave Flash plugin installed in a Web browser that supports alpha channels and Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Internet Explorer 4 works fine; Netscape Navigator 3 does not.

1. Download the self-extracting archive file from this page.
2. Run it to extract the four files into one directory.
3. Follow the simple instructions in the included text file.

You will also need an image file (a picture of yourself or somebody else) about 2 x 2-inches in size at 72 dpi.

Click here to download the file: GuestSpot.exe
(File Size=101KB; less than a minute to download)

The archive file, GuestSpot.exe, contains four files:

  • guestspot.swf - (Shockwave Flash animation file)
  • guest.jpg - (image file that you replace with your own image)
  • guestspot.html - (code that integrates the animation and image files in a browser)
  • Guestspot Readme.txt - (instructions)

    Have Fun!

    If you have any comments, please e-mail