Who Are--no--What Is--no--(I guess it was right the first time) Who Are the Renegade Chickens?

Good question.

Many years ago, when the world was many years younger, but not nearly as young as it was when chickens first appeared, or even when chicken eggs first appeared, not that the eggs necessarily came first, but I digress--although while I'm at it I should state for the record that dinosaurs were laying eggs millions of years before chickens even thought of appearing on the face of the earth, so the egg most definitely did come first and I think that pretty well wraps up that particular paradox.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. Many years ago--oh drat, I wrote an incomplete sentence as the previous paragraph. It's long enough, you'd think it could be a complete sentence, but NO! Oh well, nothing I can do about it now, I guess--a group of creative anarchists calling themselves the Terrorist Chickens were born out of an improvisational role playing game club. They were best known for playing humorous pranks on their friends and acquaintances, many of whom remained their friends and acquaintances even afterwards. They pretty much faded away for a long time, but some ideas just don't fade into obscurity as easily as they should and years later the flock reared their little chicken heads out of the nest again.

As some of you may have heard, in recent years certain people have been giving terrorists a bad name by doing lots of terrible things and causing a lot of harm to a lot of people, so I proposed to the flock that we become the Renegade Chickens. Some were appalled at the very idea. Others were intensely apathetic. A few proposed alternate names such as "Gestapo Chickens," "Secessionist Chickens," or "Contumacious Chickens" (what the heck does that mean?). Of course, the Terrorist Chickens were never officially called the Terrorist Chickens anyway. Their official appellation has always been the Poultry Liberation Organization (PLO). (As if there weren't way too many three-letter abbreviations in the world already.) So, in conclusion, I guess that a bunch of creative anarchists can pretty much call themselves just about anything they want. I could even call myself late for supper if I wanted to. So I decided to call this Web page The Renegade Chickens, and thus was born the first splinter group (as far as I know) of the infamous Terrorist Chickens. Gotta go now. Supper time.

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