The Chicken Scouts Report

Exclusive Chicken Scouts Entertaiment Update: Even the hallowed halls of Cartoon Network are tainted by chickensploitation. Click here.

A report from Chicken Scouts on special assignment somewhere in Missouri was garbled in transmission. At present it is unclear whether they located a hep poultry hangout or a new culinary disgrace.
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Chicken Scouts reported an atrocity in America's heartland. For most people it's enough to chop our heads off, pluck us, roll us in crumbs and throw us, bit by bit, into a vat of boiling, cholesterol-ridden fat--but this fiend first taunts us to try to escape!
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Chicken Scouts at the supermarket report Genetic Engineering Gone Mad! Yes. It appears that the American dairy industry has found a way to get milk from chickens. Although the evidence is circumstantial at this time, take a look at the photo-reconnaissance image and decide for yourself.

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