Chickens in World History

Gallo Nero

The Gallo Nero, or Black Rooster, was established as the seal of the Florentine Chianti League in the 14th century. Today it is found on bottles of quality Tuscan Chianti, showing that the wine meets the high standards of quality established by a consortium of producers.

14th century Tuscany was a violent and competitive land. Hmmm....imagine a bunch of rowdy, drunk chickens laying siege to fortified cities. It could happen.

Of course, chickens have had their impact on history in other ways. Many of the world's most famous people have had their greatest ideas while, or soon after, eating chicken. Would Napoleon have invaded Russia were it not for Chicken Kiev? Maybe. Would the British have conquered India if not for Chicken Curry? Perhaps. But then, would these conquests have been as significant if these armies had been eating, not chicken, but, perhaps, zucchini? A question that will long be pondered by historians. Or not.

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