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In Memoriam

We are sad to report that Tilly passed away at age 13 1/2.   She was service dog from Canine Companions for Independence who won the hearts of nearly everybody she met.  Tilly was well known at science fiction conventions, mostly in the San Francisco/San Jose California area.   This website shows pictures of Tilly and some of her friends, who will fondly remember her always.  (Click the pictures to see larger images.)

You can leave a message of remembrance here: http://www.squidoo.com/Tilly

Hi, I'm Tilly!

yummy chew-bone
See me working
& my cute baby pictures.
More Friends
& More Places
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I Visit the Hugest
SciFi Convention

Here's a picture of me with my human partner, Cassandra. At_SiliCon.jpg (58598 bytes)

I assist Cassandra with all sorts of things.
In this picture I'm offering to help her drink a beer.  Oh well, guess I'm the designated driver again. brew_pub.jpg (79952 bytes)

She better not be thinking of trading me for a balloon animal!
with_balloon_animal.jpg (49556 bytes)

Here are some members of my fan club.

OK.  Where's my coffee?
peeking.jpg (71020 bytes)


Sometimes you may spot me prowling science fiction conventions in the San Francisco Bay Area

One day I ran into some Klingons!  Good thing a Jedi Knight was there to protect me.
klingons.jpg (93869 bytes)

This is my friend Gene.  As you can see, he's insane.
Gene-Tillie.jpg (56583 bytes)

I love chasing soap bubbles. Yum, yum, yum!
Chasing_bubbles.jpg (34904 bytes)


Of course I like to wear costumes at the SciFi conventions.  Here are some of them.

Agent T, Dog in Black
Agent_T.jpg (56214 bytes)

Lieutenant Commander Woof
Trek_dog.jpg (83856 bytes)

X-Mutt.  Professor Xavier's mutant service dog, Shedder, has the power to bury her enemy in fur.

It's a lot of work getting dressed up. DressingTillie.jpg (80013 bytes)

Tilly Who

Here I am as a Victorian lady.
OK, so this isn't really a costume.
in_cutout.jpg (39154 bytes)


Remember, I'm only here because of Canine Companions for Independence.
Visit their website at http://www.caninecompanions.org/ to learn more about this great organization that trains and provides service animals like me to help people with disabilities.  I'm from the Santa Rosa facility.

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